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Introducing SoDA in Latin America in partnership with BB Media

Company News / 9th February 2023

Digital i & BB Media

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Argentina-based media and entertainment data science company BB Media

Through our partnership with BB Media, we have launched SoDA for the Latin America region. Our content audience measurement service will allow users to analyse content viewing by Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscribers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Our SoDA platform in Latin America now also measures HBO Max viewing data. Outside Latin America, HBO Max has been recently made available also for Spain and the Nordics.

This data allows us to measure key moments when audience peaks occur; what the most watched genres are; and the percentage of the audience sharing content with others and more.

With SoDA it is possible to detect, for example, that the Netflix original series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story experienced peak viewership on 25 September in Argentina and Brazil, four days after its premiere on the streaming platform. Even more striking when looking at Colombia and Mexico, where the series again had more streams on the 29th and 30th of the same month, respectively.

Dhamer graph

This data allows us to recognise that a large proportion of users did not see this title on the first day it was available, which happened on a Wednesday, but rather, that it was seen more on Sunday, Thursday and Friday of the week following its release.

Measuring audience activity

Audiences are measured from passive data collection, covering Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The viewing data is collected via the proprietary by our software and enriched with the metadata of each title collected by BB Media. In addition, the household composition of the measured accounts is studied through online surveys.

Results are accessible via a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use online platform powered by Looker. The data contains the display of all profiles and devices used to access an account. In the case of Netflix, the audience history has been available since 2019 for all territories. For Amazon Prime Video, there is 2020 data for Brazil and Mexico; and 2021, for Argentina and Colombia. The newly introduced HBO Max data has been available for Spain and the Nordics since December 2022.

Tracing the evolution over time and taking the example of The Lord of the Rings in Brazil and Mexico, we see that amid the launch of the Rings of Power, there was an increase in viewing of the original trilogy. In 2021, The Fellowship of the Ring reached a peak of 23k streams in June, while in August 2022 it reached 582k and increased to 912k in September 2022.

On the other hand, SoDA allows us to analyse the time audiences spend on content. In the case of Rings of Power, it had an average episode view rate of 75%, which increased with each episode until it reached 96%. At the end of the season, the audience most attached to the title watched the highest percentage of episode minutes. Other metrics available in this new service are Reach and Frequency, Minutes Viewed, Movies/Series Viewing %, Household Composition and Dynamic Field Creation for Minimum Viewed Minutes and Cutoff Days from the first viewing.

Commenting on the launch of SoDA in Latin America and our partnership, Tom Gennari, CEO of BB Media said: “We are entering a new phase in the measurement of online audiences. It is a big advantage for the industry, in general, to have data on what users actually see and how the contents relate to each other. 

“It even opens up the possibility of combining this consumption with the traditional audience measurements that we already carry out. It is certainly a very exciting time!”

Commenting further on the partnership Ali Vahdati our CEO said: “We are thrilled to partner with BB Media for SoDA’s next big development. We believe that Digital i’s experience and knowledge of audience measurement and the SoDA service, combined with BB Media’s experience in the Latin American market, will result in a high-quality solution for the measure of SVOD in the region”.

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